‘True happiness is not all about mansions and big cars’- Robert Burale

Robert Burale has taken to social media to talk on mental health and depression and how women should take care of their men and support them.

Some of the happiest couples live in one bedroom houses …True happiness is not necessarily a mansion or big cars.

Many are crying in mansions (they just have many rooms to cry in ) as expensive mascara trickles down. Some men are also “dead” beneath the expensive suits.

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‘We are not always as strong as we look’ Burale talks about depression

In a recent post he talked about how men are likely to get depressed as they don’t open up. This was after a recent study was done showing that Kenya was ranked 6th most depressed country in Africa

He says;

Many men are walking with their death certificates in their pockets regularly checking their expiry some even wishing to bring it forward.

Wives …Yes your man may not be as perfect as you want him to be,maybe even annoying but today please encourage him to fight on.

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He asks family members to support their men and to show them love and kindness. Acknowledge and respect their feelings even if you feel they are not accurate  appropriate.

Appreciate your brothers. They fight battles out there that you may never know but if they have your backing and love they can conquer any battle out there.

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