Mbogo at the scene of river side attack.

‘Trolls over my rescue session at riverside are sadists’ says Steve Mbogo

Steve Mbogo has finally responded after being trolled a few days ago after appearing at the scene of Riverside drive attack, fully armed.

According to him, he did what was best even if he put his life in danger in the process. He also went ahead to refer to the trolls as sadists who have nothing to celebrate about other people.

“In my capacity as a patriotic Kenyan I couldn’t wait to be summoned to stand up for a brother, sister, mother, friend and a neighbor but showed at riverside 14 amid a broken heart full of prayers and hope that no innocent soul could be lost. Families were emotionally drained, physically shaken with the sad news of yet another attack. I went there with hopes to help, that little innocent child, the woman so afraid of what lays ahead,an incapacitated elderly on a wheelchair stretching an arm out with fright written all over his face for help.”

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Steve Mbogo

He further adds that

“I don’t regret being there for my country and her people, I don’t regret taking a bold move while knowing I was putting my life on the line. I will do it again for Kenya and our people anytime am healthy and alive. Those who spewed negative barbs at my rescue session at riverside 14 can only be likened to sadists on full blown manic depression waiting to celebrate when one of us dies. We are one and we must stand up for one another. In simple terms we should be our brothers keepers and ready to defend our country against any insurgencies at any given time.”

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Steve Mbogo
Steve Mbogo

Last but not least I would also wish to categorically state that I am a civilian licensed firearm holder and the image being purveyed and shared on social media that I was using an assault firearm is unfounded, conjured up, misleading and defamatory in every aspect, because the firearm I had in the pictures taken by unknown characters and circulated on social media is a normal short gun Model- DERYA-ANAKON 12 GAUGE shotgun with a PUMP action MAGAZINE-FED which is within use for a licensed firearm holder like I am.”

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