Gospel artiste Mr Seed

I tried to commit suicide but I couldn’t do it – cries Mr Seed

Gospel artiste Mr Seed has stired the emotions of Kenyans with his newest jam ‘Simama’.

The song is about the tribulations he went through that led to him harboring suicidal thoughts.

In an exclusive interview with Classic105.com, Mr seed says that he was frustrated because nothing was working out for him.

I was frustrated with life a few years back. I lost hope  with everything because nothing was working out for me. I had so many problems.

So many mistakes with life and it reached a point where I felt, life to me, was useless.

I used to stay indoors even for a week without any human interaction. I was living in Ruaka at the time, I tried to commit suicide but I just couldn’t do it so I started praying.

I made a habit of going to Karura Forest everyday by foot just to pray.

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Mr seed

The lyrics below from his song, best illustrate what he felt at the time.

Nilipata tabu dunia iliponisukuma kwa kona nikaona kujitoa hai. Ndio Mungu wa Abrahamu akajitokeza mwenyewe akaniambia niko na wewe.

Hata binadamu wakiniangusha nibebe tu, sitajali nikiwa na wewe. Kwa maisha mungu wangu ananitosha.

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Which translates to,

I got into so much trouble when the world pushed me into a corner and I felt like suicide was the only option I had.

The God of Abraham however came to me and assured me that he was with me. Even if people fail me I will not be worried if God is with me.

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