These tricks will help you purchase products at low prices

Times are tough in Kenya and needing or wanting an expensive item is something we are now reconsidering.

Here are some tips you can use to get that much needed item at a steal:



Buy second hand

Look for a similar or closest version of a second hand product than having to dig deeper into your pocket.

Ask for discounts

You can always ask for discounts on an item that you feel should be sold at a cheaper price. More especially if they are second hand items and the prices will always be negotiable.

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This is the best time for doing your shopping. In these rare moments, shop owners offer crazy offers than the normal selling price. You will get discounts depending on the number of items you will be able to purchase.

Set google alerts

These alerts will help you know when the goods are being sold on offers or when the prices have reduced. Once the company gives the products on discounts you will be able to know through the google alerts.

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Bulk purchasing

One item is mostly more expensive compared to when buying them in bulk. You can either purchase  them personally or liaise with a friend who needs the same item as you and buy the items in bulk. You will get them at a cheaper price and this will help you save some cash.


Most companies sell their products at lower prices during their anniversaries. You can always wait for this time to purchase anything you ever wanted to which is sold much costly at the normal market days.

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Online shopping apps

These apps help in giving you notifications on how to get products at a cheaper price. Something can be sold at a higher price on the road side while you can get the same product on an online app at a much lower price.

Just don’t but it

At times you can crave for something that isn’t necessary just because of desires. The best way to go about it is by avoiding to buy it especially if it is not essential. This mostly occurs when it is a new product in the market which is normally costly once launched. You can always purchase it at a later time when the price has been lowered.

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