Tricks to make you look better in photos

Sometimes when we take photos they appear funny and all we want to do is delete, well here are some easy tips to transform your photos from bad to fabulous.

1. Add colour –  Ladies: try a bright lip shade of lipstick, rosy cheeks or a bright scarf. Guys: ditch the neutral shirt for one in a brighter shade or add a bright color square to a suit.

2.Background – Choose a background that is bold and offers a contrast, choose a background a different color than your hair and outfit  also make sure there are no distracting images behind you .

3.Cross your ankles- If you are unable to avoid being shot head on, try crossing your ankles, starting at the calf. This stance will give the appearance of narrower hips and longer legs.

4.Know your angle –  Since cameras use reflected light to convert a 3D object into a 2D image, the shapes of things are flattened and compressed. Looking straight ahead at the camera can show the fullness of your face and remove/reduce any natural shadows.  Sometimes a slight tilt or a simple angle to a face makes a big difference. Even though you’re super attractive, you likely have a ‘good side,’ the angle at which your face looks best on film.

5.Use props –

Even if you’re in a group, try to avoid the classic “arm around person next to you” move. It can be awkward for those around you, result in individuals becoming one giant blob and is sure to end up with a few randomly placed hands. Hold something or putyour  hands in pockets or on hip or gently tug at necklace or tie.



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