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Tricks Kenyan women use to trap men into marriage and having children

Girls, is it true that you check out a man and decide that whether he likes it or not, you will get pregnant for him?

Have you ever trapped a man, ladies, and why did you do it? Here are the tricks used to trap you guys.

She cooks for you. Yeah right, you are probably thinking you have landed wife material right? A man who never has a home cooked meal, will most likely end up bedding this crafty women, and she will end up pregnant.

Rich. If you have some cash, you my fellow men while end up a baby daddy. Some girl somewhere is checking you out and has her future children all planned out. She will chop your money.

Handsome. All girls, and trust me on this, want to have children by a good looking man. How else will she end up with gorgeous children. So if you have good genes, you are a target of some Kenyan woman.

Pregnancy. I have heard several women say they have asked their male friends to be their baby daddy’s, without hooking up. Fellas, she will promise you that all she wants is your sperm, and nothing else. She will move you to agree to this arrangement because she has said she doesn’t need financial assistance from you, so sadly when you find yourself in this trap, it’s a done deal.

This man called in to Maina Kageni’s show saying how he was trapped into this arrangement, but the woman somehow went to the children’s court and now his salary pays for the child’s upkeep.

Silently moving in. This one gets me all the time, whenever I hear some man fell for it. Kidogo kidogo you find she has left an extra t-shirt, jeans among other items. One day when you return home, she has moved in and it will be an uphill task to get her out, especially once the children come.

Read comments from social media users agreeing that these tricks do happen. Woe unto yourself

Douglas Kiplagat‏…..They all trap us, so long us you are handsome, your wallet is heavy uko mashakani…. Did you see all Kenyan ladies fallen in love with Chilobae? Utajua haujui @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

sammiel mosioma‏….#MainaAndKingangi If a lady has a crush on a certain guy,trust you me she will get that man no matter what,burr again hii mtego ya wanawake hata pastor lazima ashikwe,now when a lady get paged hapo ndo tu hatuelewani na wao @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya

Purity Ng’ethe‏…@ItsMainaKageni ladies today lets be honest yes we do maina infact myself i have one in mind no apologies….when a lady sets her mind that she will get pregnant for you she will nothing can avoid her we are go getters @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Jacob Abere Matlala‏…. @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni #MainaAndKingangi I am not a woman, their is a lady who confessed to me that she wanted me to page her and be father of his womb blessings and i had to change estate and work place.. thy mean [email protected] usicheze.

Lusava Alfred‏…[email protected] @Classic105Kenya I have a good friend, a lady to be precise she once told me when she wants a kid from a man she will get but is she doesn’t want u can’t make her paged #MainaAndKingangi

KAMJORO‏ @MkNJOROGE…….. @Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni @MwalimChurchill Hahaha Maina mwingine aliniambia bwana yake ako na sura mbaya sana anaharibu mbegu ya watoto akiiiyaoooh #MainaAndKingangi

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