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Had just had a miscarriage and were both jobless! TRHK Actress Njambi recounts 2018

The Real Househelps of Kawangware (TRHK) actress Njambi is arguably the most popular actress from the now-defunct show.

The mother of 2 has over the years given Kenyans updates on her life, with the thespian being an open book to them.  She does this by giving out anecdotes that show that celebs lives have a lot in common with the average Kenyan.

And this story is a reminder of just how relatable she is. Njambi recently revealed that 2018 was her worst year, unbeknownst to many.

She said that while many people might be frustrated with 2020 and 2021, she went through a lot three years ago, sharing an old photo with her baby daddy, saying while they seemed happy, they had just lost a child and were jobless. “Don’t see us smiling in this photo. We just had a miscarriage and were both jobless. We had not paid several months’ rent plus the househelp,” she wrote.

She added that they got some reprieve after making KSh 50,000, but the amount was depleted within a month. “We struggled. We cried and fought. I will tell you my story,” wrote the actress.

2018 must have been the worst year for Njeri because in a past message last year, she spoke in detail when she spoke of her miscarriage. “This song gets to me, I discovered this song last year. (It means need me by Ciciworldwide). I was lost, I was angry, I was going insane. Felt like when I lost it my whole life ended literally,” Njambi said in an admission last year.

She was lost, angry, hopeless and had no drive to continue living. All Njambi could do was weep uncontrollably as she replayed the tragic occurrence.

“I lost myself, I lost my mind and I lost everything… I tear up every time I listen to this song….. Last year I was really broken,” the actress added. The TRHK star admitted she felt like she had gone insane and nothing mattered anymore.

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