Trendsetters! Meet the women who broke the norm and became the first in their careers

Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful women. Gone are the days where women were considered to only stay at home and do house work. It is now that we see women empowering their fellow women to move up the ladder and do what men are doing and actually do it better.

Below are some of the Kenyan women who became first in their career,

1. Elizabeth Marami

 She is Kenya’s first woman marine pilot after successfully completing five years of intensive training at the prestigious marine training college in Alexandria, Egypt.

2. Captain Koki Mutungi

 She was the first black female captain of Kenya Airways Dreamliner which took its maiden voyage between Nairobi and Paris.

3. Wanuri Kahiu

She was the first female director of the award winning film“Rafiki” (also known as “Friend”), which marked the very first Kenyan feature film to debut at the the Cannes Film Festival


4. Alice and Concilia

Kenya’s first female train drivers to debut on Standard Gauge Railway. The drivers beam in their navy blue suits, white shirts and red neck ties as they receive final instructions from their trainers.


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