Impact of Directline Assurance on Kenyan transport scene

The company has been involved in several intrigues this week about whether it still operational or not

Directline Assurance Company announced earlier this week through Chairman Dr. Samuel K. Macharia of Royal Credit Limited, that it would cease operations and that all employees were dismissed.

However, the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA), led by CEO Godfrey Kiptum, declared the closure null and void.

Directline has a legacy as Kenya’s leading PSV insurer and was the country’s first niche underwriter exclusively focused on motor vehicle insurance.

Here are the impacts it has had on the Kenyan transport scene:

  • Directline created job opportunities for thousands of Kenyans across various roles.
  • Known for its efficient claims settlement, Directline promptly processed claims, making it a preferred choice for local matatus and private vehicles.
  • It offered competitive pricing compared to other local insurers, enhancing its popularity among matatus and private vehicle owners.
  • Directline held a significant market share in the motor insurance sector, providing crucial coverage to Kenyans who relied on its services.
  • Being Kenya’s pioneer niche underwriter for motor vehicle insurance allowed Directline to specialize its services effectively, ensuring efficient service delivery tailored to Kenyan needs.