8 ceremonies that usually take place before the Olympics

The Eiffel Tower will feature prominently in the July 26-Aug ,11 Paris Games and the Paralympics.

In preparations for the upcoming Olympic games, the Olympic rings have been put on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

On Friday, the iconic Paris landmark was adorned with the Olympic rings, marking 50 days until the world gathers in the French capital for the quadrennial festival. 

It is expected that thousands of athletes will parade through the city on boats along a 6km route during the opening ceremony at sunset on July 26. 

The Eiffel Tower will feature prominently in the July 26th-Aug 11th Paris Games and the Paralympics.

Events such as men’s and women’s beach volleyball will be hosted at the temporary Eiffel Tower Stadium on the nearby Champ de Mars.

The rings will be illuminated every night with 100,000 LED bulbs through the Paralympics, which start on Aug. 28, 17 days after the Olympic closing ceremony.

During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, several significant ceremonies take place:

  1. Parade of Athletes: The ceremony begins with the "Parade of Nations," where athletes march into the stadium representing their countries.

  2. Opening Protocols: The proceedings commence with the entrance of the Head of State and the IOC President. Following this, the national anthem of the host country is played.

  3. Official Speeches: The President of the Organizing Committee delivers a speech, followed by a speech from the IOC President. At the conclusion of the IOC President's speech, the representative or head of state of the host country officially declares the opening of the Games.

  4. Raising of the Olympic Flag and Anthem: According to the Olympic Charter, the Olympic flag must fly throughout the Games from a prominent flagpole in the main stadium. The Olympic Anthem is also played.

  5. Athletes, Judges, and Coaches' Oaths: Participants in the Games take oaths affirming sportsmanship and fair play.

  6. Lighting of the Olympic Flame: The lighting of the Olympic flame symbolizes the beginning of the Games and promotes peace and friendship among nations.

  7. Release of Doves: Doves are traditionally released as a symbol of peace.

  8. Olympic Laurel Award: After each event, medal ceremonies are held. In the Summer Games, these ceremonies usually take place immediately after each event at their respective venues. The medalists stand on a three-tiered rostrum, with the gold medalist on the highest platform at the center, flanked by the silver and bronze medalists. Medals are awarded by an IOC member.

These ceremonies are integral to the spirit and tradition of the Olympic Games, marking the beginning of this global sporting event and celebrating the achievements of athletes from around the world.