Njugush's poignant speech makes him trend

The comedian has illustrated how much he cares for Kenyans in the past using his comedy skits as the medium

Comedian, content creator, and actor, Timothy Njuguna alias Njugush, has been trending after a Citizen TV interview.

The topic on the table was about the new proposed Finance Bill and he was at hand to give his unabashed opinion on it.

''We don’t have a problem in terms of collection, we have a problem in spending. The government we have has people who don’t seem to know what they are doing. If they tax all of us now, next year watatax nani?'' Njugush noted.

Out of frustration, Njugush lamented the perceived ineffectiveness of tax collection efforts, giving examples such as the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) corruption scandal.

He stated that tax policies in Kenya look punitive because we pay taxes, but we don’t see the benefits.

"The guys in the government studio are experts, but the government has made them sound, for lack of a better word, dumb. We don't have a problem in terms of collection, our problem is in spending," the father of two said.

Besides calling out the government through direct statements, Njugush has also used his comedy to critique the actions of the government and its institutions. Here are a few examples:

In one skit, he depicted the situation of medics who had been on strike, highlighting that they had not been paid for several months and were lacking Covid-19 protective gear.

In the 2-minute 20-second skit featuring his wife, Celestine Ndinda, Njugush acted as a politician while Ndinda played a citizen begging for service delivery.

In another skit, Njugush showcased how politicians are eating meals directly from a cooking pot (sufuria) while Kenyans lack food.

The high cost of living was also highlighted in this comical video, which showed the politician casually ignoring the plight of Kenyans.

In this skit, he depicted politicians enjoying luxurious meals, oblivious to the struggles of Kenyans facing high expenses and starvation.

He also released a funny clip portraying a 'man eat man society' in which the downtrodden in the country are financially hemorrhaged with taxes to fund the lavish lives of elite politicians.

In the skit dubbed "Hotel Owners Association," the leaders were depicted as entitled children while the citizens were characterized as an aunt who had little power over the family's decisions.