Trouble in Paradise as Dance couple part ways, Tileh seen with another lady

Tileh was married to a Spanish girl, Martina Glez and they have one child together.

David Otieno alias Tileh Pacbro is a Kenyan dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, content creator, and lifestyle and fitness enthusiast.

Tileh was married to a Spanish girl, Martina Glez and they have one child together.

In recent months their fans raised an issue of them being silent and away from social media for quite some time and this sparked rumours of their breakup

Shockingly both Martina and Tileh cleared the air as they shared a message on their social media about their decision to break up.

In an emotional message, Martina informed their fans that they had parted ways and their breakup was a mutual decision. She also said that it was not easy for them to do so.''

''Tileh and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. This decision was not made lightly, and it comes with a lot of sadness for both of us. We have shared many wonderful moments together, and we are grateful for the time we've spent with each other. Thank you for showing us love on our journey together. We sincerely hope you can show us the same grace and love in our individual journeys,'' Martina states.

Since they also have a child together, Martina affirmed that they will continue co-parenting, ''We remain co-parents to a wonderful child as well as business partners and hold each other in high regard, but we believe this is the best path forward for us both. We ask for your understanding and respect as we navigate this transition.''

They met here in Kenya while Tileh was staying in the slums of Kibera where he was born and raised. they are famously known for their fire dance moves done together.

Martina and Tileh were known to be a dance couple. Through their common talent and hobby, they founded a dance group and school known as 'Dance 98' which had massive fan participation.

Besides being the founders of Dance 9, they have been choreographing and doing its videography.

Martina once revealed after getting pregnant she decided to settle down and get married.

β€œThe baby was not planned, so when it came and I really wanted to go back to Spain and be with my family. So before we went back to Spain, we decided to get married because that way Tileh would have more rights as a Kenyan going to Spain,” said Glez.

She went ahead and said that they would not have tied the knot quickly if it were not for the baby but they had no regrets regardless.

Here is a clip of them with the child.

However, not long after they have announced their breakup, Tileh was seen enjoying life in Spain with a new lady.

This has raised netizens attention to whether he has moved on already and found a new catch or she is just a friend. Tileh is yet to confirm this.

Pacbro asked for understanding and respect regarding their personal decisions moving forward.

He noted that the separation had occurred some time ago, even though he was only now making it public.

Tileh with Feerroon