Why Juliani's Icon building in Dandora has been demolished

Kenyan hip-hop rapper Juliani recently faced a terrible emotional experience - witnessing his community building demolished by the government.

He purchased the building more than 7 Years Ago in Dandora. However, the building is being demolished because it's close to a river.

 The facility dubbed "HIPHOP CITY" was being used to develop young men and women to become holistic individuals who are of value to the community.

The project was also home to School of Rhyme and Hip-Hop City FM.

He posted on his socials showing how devastated he was saying, ''This is not the end but inauma sana!'' . 

This was together with a video clip he shared on his social media handles where bulldozers were seen taking down the two-storey hub.

He further explained how they had started plans to expand and upgrade the facility.

He had shared that he received news of the imminent demolition, and asked his fans to stand with him during the ‘trying moments’.

“Gotten word that our community centre, Dandora Hip Hop City is being demolished. The whole 2 storey building. Yes, it’s close to a river. We purchased the building more than 7 years ago,” Juliani stated yesterday.

Of late, the effect of hidaya rains in Kenya that made many rivers to break its banks, the government took an action of protecting Kenyans.

A lot of people were flooded in their homes especially near rivers and several died.

Thus the government has been demolishing any residential areas around rivers and river sources in efforts to recover the riparian lands.

It happens to be that Julianis community building, a two storey building, was closed to Dandora river, approximately 30 metres.