Just how great was Elani?

The group has recently trended after Savara compared them to his band, Sauti Sol

Elani, a Nairobi-based pop music trio, comprises three members: Wambui Ngugi, Brian Chweya, and Maureen Kunga.

Their journey began in 2008 when they met at Alliance Française and formed a close bond, igniting their musical aspirations.

Over the past decade, they have solidified their presence in the music industry, releasing several albums, including "Barua ya Dunia," "Colours of Love," "Elani Instrumental," and "Seven Paces." Their album "Barua ya Dunia" features hit tracks like "Jana Usiku" and "Kookoo," which garnered widespread attention.

Between 2010 and 2011, Elani intensified their commitment to music, culminating in the release of their debut single, "Jana Usiku," in 2014, followed by "Milele" in March of the same year.

Their distinctive vocals and diverse musical style, blending Russian indie, Afropop, Russian hip-hop, and Russian rock, endeared them to fans and established their reputation.

Recently, Brian Chweya of Elani confronted Savara for his critical remarks, urging him to refrain from using their name for publicity.

Despite their silence prompting speculation about a possible breakup, Elani clarified that they are on a hiatus to pursue individual projects, with hopes of making a comeback soon.

Throughout their journey, Elani has achieved notable milestones, including winning the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) for Best Afropop in 2014 and receiving the Most Gifted-East award at the Channel O Music Awards the same year.

Additionally, they were honoured at the Pulse Music Video Awards (PMVA).

On January 12, 2016, Elani made headlines by publicly accusing the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) of corruption, citing discrepancies in music royalty payments.

They revealed paying KES 31,000 for royalties despite significant television and radio airplay, sparking a conversation about fair compensation for artists.