Safeguarding Kenya Power customers: A comprehensive guide to recognising and avoiding scammers

Use the USSD code *977#, Option 5 (Jua For Sure) to verify Kenya Power staff and contractors.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable surge in the sophistication of fraudsters attempting to deceive Kenya Power customers. We do not want you to fall victim. We aim to equip you with all the necessary information on how to spot these fraudsters, understanding legitimate payment procedures for Kenya Power services, specifying what the Company will never request, and outlining crucial information to seek from Kenya Power.

With this knowledge, you will be able to recognise, verify, and report various scams, ensuring the safety of your transactions and protecting you from falling victim to conmen.

1. Recognise, Check, Report:

The first line of defense against fraudsters is awareness. Have you ever received a suspicious phone call threatening to disconnect your power unless you send money? These are conmen impersonating Kenya Power staff.

To safeguard yourself, always ask for their staff ID number. Use the USSD code *977#, Option 5 (Jua For Sure) to verify Kenya Power staff and contractors. If in doubt, report them immediately using *977#. Remember, do not fall victim to conmen!

2. Fake Lease Agreements:

Some customers receive fake lease agreements for the construction of substations or transformers on their land, followed by a request for payment by the fraudsters. The conmen claim the payment is meant to facilitate the execution of the fake lease agreement. Do not fall victim to this!

Kenya Power does not ask for money to facilitate such services. Always request services and make inquiries directly from Kenya Power offices, depots, or banking halls. Refrain from engaging third parties or making payments to individuals. Kenya Power has a zero-tolerance policy for corruption.

3. Beware of Impersonators seeking payments to offer Kenya Power Services:

Scammers may ask customers to pay for supposedly free Kenya Power services, such as unresolved complaints, replacement of meters, meter reading, repair or replacement of broken transformers, fuses, etc. Remember, all these services are provided by Kenya Power at no cost.

 Do not make any payment to anyone so as to access these free services. Report any suspicious incidents by dialing *977# or calling 97771. Kenya Power does not condone corruption; customers should not give money to staff or contractors.

4. Guard Your Transactions:

Fraudsters may attempt to deceive you into making payments for various Kenya Power services and materials like poles, meters, transformers, cables, etc.

Do not give money to anyone posing as a Kenya Power staff or contractor. While seeking services, customers are reminded not to pay money to individuals but to designated Kenya Power offices or pay bill numbers below:

Pay for new connections- 888899

Pay for postpaid bill- 888888

Buy tokens- 888880

5. Do not connect power illegally

Scammers may also call customers claiming that they can ‘fast track’ power connection. Do not fall for such tricks. Others may approach customers under the guise of connecting them to power using illegal means.

Remember, illegal power connection is a crime under the Energy Act, and those found engaging in the vice can be jailed, fined or face both sanctions. Illegally connected power also poses a risk to both human and animal lives as it is done using substandard materials.

It also overloads the power infrastructure, leading to poor unstable supply. Apply for power connection from the nearest Kenya Power office and pay using official channels as detailed above.

6. Job Application Scams:

Be cautious of fraudsters posing as Kenya Power staff offering job opportunities in exchange for a bribe. Kenya Power does not ask for any payment in return for employment or attachment.

Any employment or attachment opportunities are advertised using official channels, and all applicants are given a fair chance during the selection process. Report any suspicious calls immediately via *977# or call 97771. Stay vigilant and do not engage in such dubious offers.

Stay safe, stay informed, and be proactive in recognising, avoiding and reporting scammers. Usichezwe na conmen!

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