Moses Kuria: This goods prices have dropped under Ruto regime

In October, Ruto urged Kenyans to give him a year to deal with the rising unga prices.

Moses Kuria.
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

Moses Kuria, the Trade and Industrialisation CS now says the country is making tremendous progress in lowering the cost of living.

The CS on Sunday listed commodities whose prices have dropped since President William Ruto took office.

Kuria said the reduction of prices of those goods is an indicator that there is progress in the country.

"Over the last 3 days Maize has dropped from Sh5,600 to Sh4,900 per bag a drop of 11.5% 2," Kuria tweeted.

He added that the price of sugar has also gone down from Sh7,200 to Sh5,800 today per 50Kg bag a decrease of 18%.

"Edible Oil from Sh340 to Sh280 per kg,  decrease of 22%. We are heading somewhere," he added.

In October, Ruto urged Kenyans to give him only a year to deal with the rising unga prices.

Speaking at the ground-breaking of Soweto East Zone B Social Housing, Kibra, Nairobi County, Ruto said he will also reduce the cost of living.

"I told you we must lower unga prices. I have already started that journey of lowering unga prices and reducing the cost of living, just give me one year," he said.

Ruto said farmers have already been served a certain amount of manure that will help facilitate farming and more was coming.

"We have already given our farmer's manure, one million and a half sacks, and will still give them six million sacks of manure so that they can grow food and the food to reach the market with a good price," he said.