TRENDING: Reactions after the man captured on video assaulting his wife is jailed for 12 years

A Makueni Court on Wednesday sentenced Julius Nzomo Daudi, the man filmed assaulting his wife to 12 years. Nzomo will serve 10 years in prison and 2 years on probation respectively

The video caused outrage nationwide as KOT demanded for justice for the battered wife.

Nzomo had pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous harm to Mwende.

When the charge was read to him, a calm Nzomo responded “Ni ukweli” (it is true).

Nzomo was arrested in Nguuni, Kibwezi West Constituency last week after the video of him viciously beating his wife went viral on social media.

Victor Mochere….Daudi Nzomo, the man caught on camera battering wife, Winfred Mwende, in Makueni has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty.

The guy deserves a life imprisonment, this is purely monstrous, outrageous, inhumane and abominable.

Jacob Abere Matlal…. Nzomo to be 12yrs prison visitors thanks social media, we do have other batterers your days are numbered..

Jim Yalla…The week at a glance: Kidero; arrested, Southend mall; demolished, Java; bulldozed, the last rhino; dead, Daudi Nzomo; 12yrs jail term, Balala; still cat walking…. and other kutangatanga short stories.

@FireMomAh…Daudi Nzomo incident involving one woman brought all social media platforms to a stand still.Yet,no one raised an eye when the women folk of Nyeri town were mutilating their husbands’ genitalia…

Ngugi…Will Kamau Wanjiru get Justice for being assaulted by his bartender at Roysambu?. Makueni Daudi Nzomo got 12 years for his battery assault but will same justice be meted on girl child. Boy oh boy..child??

kipkoech mitei Rober…Daudi Nzomo jailed for 12 years for beating his wife while nothing was done to Kidero for being equally captured on video slapping Shebesh. Mnyonge hana haki.

Christ Ambassadeur…keyboard feminist are happy because justice has been served & Daudi Nzomo has been jailed. what about that woman batterer who physically assaulted a defenseless man..she hasn’t been traced since since the video went viral…we demand equality in justice

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