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‘Treat yourself, mami,’ Grace Msalame advises as she shows off her new love this Valentines Day

Today being the day of love, we are psyched to show off Grace Msalame’s new love.

Grace is not without love in her life.

She wrote in Instagram, “That moment when you get that text that brightens up your day🤗🙈 Also with all the Valentines hype remember the following;- You have all year long to celebrate Love & appreciate your loved ones! but why not indulge a little extra this Wednesday😉Secondly, Ladies it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t do anything… treat yourself Mami😊though if it’s important to you he should put in some effort & lastly single folk use the occasion to love on yourself a little extra & try a random act of kindness to someone else even if it’s your Mum & make them feel a little extra special❤️ And Ultimately whoever you are remember that God Loves you more than anything or anyone ever could!!! So you could use the opportunity to celebrate Him & draw even closer to Him🙏🏾❤️ .”

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Grace msalameThe media personality has decided to treat herself to a magnificent machine, a Renault Megane.

Msalame says this is a season of trying new things, a step that comes days after she shaved her hair.

According to google, the car ranges between Ksh 2.3m and Ksh 2.5m.

Introducing her new bae, Grace Msalame wrote, “In my season of trying out new things Simba Corp said why not try out the Renault Megane & My Oh! My! Talk about an experience! Such an exquisite beauty! Sleek & so powerful & if you’ve been following my insta stories you’ve seen how I’m enjoying the sound system🤗🤗🤗 & the mood lighting is something else😍❤️. I think I’m sold 🙆🏾is it time to say goodbye to my Ka dudu😩 Lol! PS: If your looking to get a starter car they have a really good option or if you’re like me & it’s time for an upgrade the Renault is the car for you especially if you’re not looking to break the bank! They got you covered🙏🏾.”

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Grace msalame1Here are reactions to the fans

rouzemmbone: Bless me with the kadudu @sowairina

fab_bcbg: Really can’t advice with French cars. Had bad experience with them and i know lot of people as well who had bad experiences with French cars

smunyi93: Lovely car! Speaks class

sowairina: @fab_bcbg I grew up with French cars! My mum still drives a Peugeot to date😊

vokezzo: Nmekwama kwa kubreak bank.. Anyway nice ride..

thiskenyan: Eheeeeee….. 👏👏👏 i need a test run on this ‘Rey-Nough” 😎

sowairina: @thiskenyan yes you must🤗🙌🏾I come Take you out for lunch now that I’m on the road all the time just to enjoy it😂😁🙆🏾🙈

ririgachuhi: The moment this vehicle came by, we all knew that Ford and Honda would have a run for their money. And their slogan; Drive the change!!! Am proud of you mama 😘😘😘😘

Check out Sowairina’s new shiny baby:


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