Travel – Things you do not need to pack when travelling

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life and after making those mini- trips to the closest suburbs of the country, the realization is that we do not need all the luggage.

Most of the time people carry unnecessary and excess baggage that in all sense only takes extra space in your suitcase.

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Alright, here are things that really don’t need to pack:

Too many gadgets

There are some extremely important gadgets that you could carry with you.

Thing is, you don’t have to take them all on that trip. Just take the important ones and those that you are sure to use during the trip.

For instance, do you need to carry a laptop, tablet and a phone at the same time? You could decide the most important ones depending on the place you are going.

Your entire bookshelf

Books and travelling all fit in the same shelf ( see what I did there? no? )

Instead of using all those books on that trip, why don’t you use an E- reader? It may even end up giving you a variety of books to read.

This not only puts out excess luggage, it also gives you new ideas on what you need for the trip and the books you may need as well.

Your whole wardrobe

This is a tricky one for most Kenyan girls, the choice of what to carry and toss aside is a struggle many live with.

All we know is that packing has to be done for that trip.

Thing is if you are going to a new destination, no one will know if you repeat the same old clothes you wear at home.

This only gives you a lee way to carry enough clothes that you are sure to wear during the travel.

As a general rule, if you’re packing something on the premise of “what if…” or “for this one occasion”, it doesn’t belong in your bag!

Multiple pairs of shoes

Shoes may depend on the travel destination.

If you are going for mountain climbing, then you definitely don’t need heels in your bag, yes?

In short just carry shoes that are important for that travel. this makes your parking easier and luggage lighter.

Extra toiletries

Thing is in most places you will visit, some of theses things will be available and provided for you.

So instead of carrying a whole tone of toiletries, save up those coins for something different.

Could be used to go for shopping or doing a random activity that you had in your bucket list.


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