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Traits Of A Good Boyfriend

There have been various discussions about what a good woman should be like or what girlfriend material is. A woman who can cook, clean, is understanding, no drama among others. What about the men?

If you want to know what a good boyfriend should be like, here are some of the traits as discussed by men.

 1. A good boyfriend respects his girlfriend.

2. He surprises her with gifts for no reason.

3. He always asks her how her day was.

4. He’s never too jealous (just a little bit, so she knows he values her).

5. He communicates all the time.

6. He’s there for her, even when it’s inconvenient.

7. He lets her see his silliest self.

8. He keeps the relationship interesting.

9. He knows they’re equals.

10. He pushes her out of her comfort zone.

11. He’s humble.

12. He watches movies with her (including romance films).

13. He keeps the idea of marriage in mind.

14. He trusts her no matter what.

15. He doesn’t try to change her opinions.

16. He carves out time for her.

17. He doesn’t worry about being “whipped.”

18. He’s loyal.

19. He gives her space when she needs it.

20. He remembers her birthday.

21. He tells her she’s beautiful.

22. He’s careful with his words.

23. He tries his best to get along with her friends.

24. He’s affectionate.

25. He listens to her.

26. He puts her needs above his.

27. He helps her grow personally.

28. He’s open minded.

29. He treats her like they had just met.

30. He’s her friend as much as her boyfriend.

31. He makes her laugh.

32. He loves her wholly.


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