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Tragic: Bride dies on honeymoon just six days after wedding

The devastated family of a bride who died six days after her wedding have revealed their pain at still not knowing what happened to her.

Nicola Spencer, 42, project coordinator for charity the Shelter Project Hounslow, left the UK for the Canary Islands on September 11 last year and died two days later.

Nicola on her wedding day. She dedicated her life to helping others and was a project coordinator for charity Shelter Project Hounslow, which looks after homeless men during the winter

She had been married to her childhood sweetheart Jason Nicholls, who she first met at school when she was 15, for just six days.

Her daughter Rebecca Jones, 23, from Hatton Cross, London, told MailOnline that Nicola was feeling under the weather the morning she left London for Fuerteventura, but assumed it was nothing serious.

Nicola Spemcer, 42, from London on her wedding day to Jason. The pair met when they were 15 and Nicola had once told a friend she would one day marry Jason. After being separated for a while, the couple reunited 10 years ago and got married on 8th September 2018

The assistant manager, who works for a jeweller, is still looking for answers as she copes with her grief and honours her mother’s memory.

On the morning of September 11, Nicola said she wasn’t feeling well but sent a picture to her children and went on with the trip.

‘That afternoon she started to bring up blood and visited the local clinic, where she was told she was dehydrated and had a urine infection,’ said Rebecca.

Nicola was put on an IV drip for a few hours and went home for the evening once she felt better.

On the morning of Wednesday 12th, Nicola felt better and told her family she would be getting some sun. But later in the afternoon, she felt poorly again.


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