Amina Mude with Ben Kitili

Amina Mude is lucky to still have Ben Kitili after her colossal blunder a few months ago

Amina Mude and her husband KTN news anchor, Ben Kitili exchanged sweet nothings on Monday, commemorating their 2 year wedding anniversary.

All this didn’t seem possible a few months ago when Amina revealed that she and her man had separated, writing at the time,

“Ben and I are currently ‘separated’. I don’t know what the future holds but am grateful for the beautiful memories and definitely the beautiful kids we made. It’s been one month of pain and tears but I know that one day the light will shine,” wrote Amina Mude.

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But Amina would quickly retract her earlier statement blaming her earlier announcement on a “moment of anger”. She said bloggers blew her statement out of proportion when they reported that the pair had broken up.

“In life it’s very important to own up to your shortcomings! ❤❤❤ Hey babe @benkitili I remember when we got married, you told me ‘listen Mulky after all is said and done, marriage is not a bed of roses’ I just smiled and thought ni zile advise zako mingi za life. But last week it was so clear that you were right, one moment of anger made me write something stupid and the bloggers blew it out of proportion,” wrote Mude.

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She continued: “I have learnt my lessons the hard way. As a wife, it’s my duty to respect and protect my Husband. And so, I want to clear the air, Ben and I are married. He will always be the man I love and honour all the days of my life #learningfrommymistakes #forwardtogether.”

Amina also deleted a significant number of her photos on Instagram, leaving behind posts related to her weight loss journey.

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Ben himself has never directly addressed his marriage troubles, it seems that the couple has been working had at maintaining their relationship, something I commend them for.

And why I am writing this article?

To remind men and women that they shouldn’t announce their relationship issues to the on-line in-laws while they are on-going. Do it after you have settled issues and you are at a great place and time-The way Michelle Obama announced the marriage issues that she had had with Barack long after the fact when things were good on the homefront.

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The reason I advise this is that some people in Kitili’s scenario would have seen his wife’s confession as the ultimate form of disrespect. Opening up their marriage to the carnivorous public instead of solving their issue behind closed doors.

Amina is lucky that Ben was willing to forgive her moment of “anger” and move on. Some men (and women) would not ignore the slight and instead see it as the end of their relationship.

But I could be wrong.

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