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‘Total discrimination’ Maina Kageni on schools that don’t admit students from single parent families

A Kenyan school is alleged to have denied admission to a student from a single parent family.

this formed the topic on Classic 105’s morning conversation, where Maina Kageni reacted sharply.

According to Maina Kageni that is unfathomable.

Maina could not understand why the government is not doing anything about it.

You all should stop judging single mothers some of them were raped.Before you throw stones identify why such a woman ended up as a single mother in the first place.

The reason we have got single mothers is because there are lots of jokers and women end up bring up their kids alone.


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Another parent shares her thoughts below.

Our kids are denied admission into such schools because they say single women will seduce their men.

They say we wear short dresses and that we are drama queens given that when our kids get into trouble some of us cause havoc in the stated schools.

You must have a marriage or a death certificate for them to admit your child.

Another parent adds

When your son goes and passes the parent will also go for an interview.

They believe that a child has to be all rounded.If you are separated they will try and bring you back together.

They will even take you for counselling and if everything else fails they tell you they cannot admit your kid.

They even have seminars and every parents have to be there and if its every parent that comes they will want to go what is going on.

They will ask your kid if you are his/her parents and how long he/she has lived with you etc.

This happens in Kianda and Strathmore.

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