Top Kenyan male fashion bloggers

Top Kenyan male fashion bloggers

We do not alk about male fashion enough. The focus has mostly shifted to female fashion and the bloggers tend to get the most coverage without recognizing that there are other male fashion bloggers who are doing amazing things in their craft.

3. Kyle D Wahome
He is a co-founder of The Lifestyle Spread which changed from Arthur’s Fashion World and he describes himself as a fashion and lifestyle blogger who is keen on writing products that enhance Africans. He has previously worked as a marketer for upcoming fashion designers and also as a columnist in leading technology magazines.

2. Olav Arthur Mburu
He is the founder of the blog The Lifestyle Spread and is a personal blogger and stylist who as worked with variouse fashion labels and also successful icons in the business. Olav alos describes himself as a wine and food connoiseur with “one part fashion, another part just me!”

1. Franklin Saiyalel aka Kenyan Stylista
stylista (1)
Franklin Saiyalel is the best male fashion blogger based in Nairobi. According to his blog Kenyan Stylista he shares his thoughts and ideas on all the things he is passionate about such as the brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. With an immense number of followers online it has helped him discover other people with a similar passion. With the capability to browse the internet based on interests, search for specific topics such as fashion and lifestyle, It has made him a point of reference to the mass.He recently began tailoring made-to-measure suits that are distinct with every customer’s needs. Need any fashion advice regarding how to suit up in a fun way, he is your man.

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