Top Five High Fashion Female Models

In a seemingly cut throat industry, unique looks,  beauty and the body will take you places your school certificates will not, and  I stand to be corrected on that. Designers keenly study a models body before she is put to work.

Cosmetic companies are also not left behind either as they want someone who can make their product shine. Unlike clothes designers, cosmetics companies source for models with a certain bone structure depending on the type of makeup being advertised. Jewelry is a wide scope so the designer may choose a different set of models to market different products.

Below is a list of some of the best fashion models we have around. Some of them have done runway, commercial  and print adverts for both local and international brands  like the Swahili Fashion week, Nairobi fashion market, Zanzibar fashion festival etc.

Deliah Ipupa – Image/Deliahfacebook
sandy joan
Sandy Joan – Image/Sandyfacebook
Claudia Tindah- Image/Claudiafacebook
Maureen Theo – Image/Maureenfacebook
Knicco Hodge – Image/Kniccofacebook


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