why kenyan women do not like accompanying their men to shags

Top 7 reasons why Kenyan women do not accompany their men to ‘shags’

Michelle Obama did not accompany former US President Obama to Kenya (his shags) way back when he came to visit.

That got some guys on social media talking, saying she is a typical Kenyan woman who doesn’t like going upcountry.

On the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i it was apparent that Michelle is not the only person who doesn’t love upcountry. Kenyan women had a number of reasons why they do not go to ‘shags’ with their men.

1. Mother-in-law drama especially – competing for the son’s attention
2. Farming
3. Showering with a basin and cold water
4. Being overworked
5. Gossip from relatives
6. Their men go to shags too often
7. Cooking with firewood as opposed to a gas cooker

Ladies, do you love accompanying your men upcountry, if no why not? Listen to the interesting discussion below

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