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Top 4 Reasons women suddenly leave their partners

You’ve been dating or married for sometime and you thought everything was going fine. Then you come home to find she has suddenly disappeared, and she won’t pick your calls, text back or have any for of communication with you.

Why did she leave suddenly, yet everything seemed rosy? Here are four plain reasons why women just pack and leave
1. Your partner/spouse felt like you became more like a sibling than a partner, so there is no need to put effort in a relationship where a spouse is now like a sibling. is there?

2. Your partner/spouse felt ignored and unappreciated throughout the relationship.

3. Your partner/spouse met someone else who fills the gap her man is not able to.

4. Your partner/spouse doesn’t have anything in common with you anymore, so the lack of connection leads to her decision t pack and leave

Sometimes women have no idea how to voice what they need if they are in a relations that just isn’t working for them.

Other times they struggled silently for months or years, then get to the red line or what we all call our breaking point. Do men know women have a breaking point or they think they can push our buttons endlessly

Another reason is if she tried to talk about what she felt, but the man brushed it off and she continued, then it turned into a fight.

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