Too Saucy: Teacher Wanjiku Looks Amazing After Losing Weights (Photos)

The entertainment industry has grown tremendously and the comedy section is among the fast rising in the industry. Many a times, we made to believe that comedy is only men but these has changed over the years and Teacher Wanjiku is a perfect example.


She joined Churchill Live TV show a few years ago and made a name for herself.

It was pretty clear that she was a favourite of many people and her comedy was totally different as she acted like a teacher.

She later on left the show to venture into a solo career, even starting her own comedy show. But the show was cancelled because of poor ratings.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku is a married lady and a mother. After giving birth, she gained weight just like most women.


But she is no longer the plump lady you might have been seeing around. She has lost weight and she looks amazing.

Initially, the comedienne weighed 84kgs and after hitting the gym hard, she lost losta weight and now weighs 64 kgs.

She took to social media to share her weight loss journey.

She wrote, “The journey has been crazy full of ups and downs but I have done it, you can too.”

Check out how she looks now;

teacher wanjiku

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