Too Cute: Pierra Makena Finally Shows Her Baby’s Face For The First Time On Her Birthday

Pierra Makena is among the most admired Kenyan female celebrities. She has been in the entertainment industry for years now and she’s clearly proving to be good in her various skills, be it in acting or singing.

She’s also among the most celebrated female DJs in the 254 and has truly made her name a brand.



Last year, DJ Pierra welcomed her daughter Ricca Pokot on the 20th of July 2016, who is actually her first daughter. To date, she has never revealed her baby daddy, but at the same time she’s entitled to her privacy, right?

For the past few months, she decided to give her fans photos of her baby and her journey as a mother, but she has never shown her baby’s face.


Well, if y’all were wondering when she would finally do it, the time has finally arrived. Pierra has finally shared the first photos of her baby girl and she’s quite adorable, pretty, cute, beautiful, you name it. She’s the exact copy of her beautiful mother.

She chose the prefect time to finally unveil her face, as she is also celebrating her birthday today. What a smooth way. She started by giving snippets of blurred photos with the writings, “Someone really wants to say hi.”


She took to social media to express the joy Ricca brings to her life and that she’s her best gift so far.

She wrote, “I have always bought myself a gift for my birthday. .I have received many.. but none can compare to this gift of my baby girl.. the love is real and she has brought true joy into my life.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.”

Happy Birthday DJ Pierra.

Here’s the first photo of baby Ricca Pokot’s face;



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