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Too Cute! 4 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Tina Kaggia’s Newborn

Mid-morning radio presenter, Tina Kaggia has been off the mic for a while now after she welcomed a bouncing baby girl with her hubby, actor and comedian, JB Masanduku.

                                                   Tina Kaggia Welcomes Bundle Of Joy

The sassy presenter has three children, two of whom she shares with the comedian – a son and now the new addition to the family, Kaya. Her first born daughter is from another relationship.

Tina Kaggia gave birth to the newborn at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi on the evening of January 5th, 2016. However, the baby girl was underweight and had to be kept in the nursery for doctors to monitor her, in case complications arise.

Despite this, the mellow-voiced presenter is grateful, happy and can’t get over her new child. She is set to come back to work soon, but before she does, she is sharing a few photos of her little munchkin though she has not revealed her face yet.

Check out the sneak peeks of her daughter below.




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