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4 conditions that must be met for Tob Cohen to be buried on Monday

The lawyers for Sarah Wairimu and Tob Cohen’s sister have finally come to an agreement regarding the burial of murdered billionaire businessman Tob Cohen.

The Dutch Tycoon Tob Cohen subject to obtaining a court order on the following terms:

1. The burial ceremony will be private and for family members only. Sarah and Gabrie will participate as widow and sister respectively.
2. The burial rites will be in accordance with Jewish rites by the concerned community leaders.
3. The burial shall take place at the Jewish Cemetery on Wangari Mathai Road at 2 pm on Monday 23/9/19.
4. The DPP, DCI, and Prison Authorities are requested by both Sarah and Gabriel to facilitate this compromise arrangement so that the late Tob Cohen can be accorded a dignified send as proposed.

Tob Cohen on the left
Tob Cohen on the left in a file office

Jewish tradition prescribes that a person should be buried as quickly as possible, usually after 36 hours, but this would be impractical given the circumstances.

He loved Kenya! Tob Cohen’s last wishes revealed by his sister

The Dutch billionaire’s decomposing body was found last Friday afternoon — eight weeks after his disappearance —in an empty underground water tank at his posh Kitisuru villa. His body was wrapped in many layers of black plastic.

Cohen's body
Cohen’s body

The billionaire businessman was reported missing from his Lower Kabete home in Nairobi between July 19 and July 20. The killers of slain Dutchman smashed his skull, dislocated his left leg and broke his hands as he desperately fought them off.

A scan on Tuesday of Cohen’s body revealed the painful death the former Phillips Chief Executive officer suffered at the hands of his killers.


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