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Tob Cohen left his Ksh. 400 million Kitisuru home to siblings and not Sarah

The country was in a state of shock last week after news emerged that missing billionaire Tob Cohen had been found in an underground septic tank that was located in his home in Kitisuru.

One of the prime suspects in his death and disappearance has been his wife, Sarah Wairimu. The woman who has denied that she had anything to do with death has more bad news coming her way.

Cohen's body
Cohen’s body

New reports coming from The Star state that the murdered Dutch businessman surprisingly left out his wife Sarah Wairimu in his multi-million shilling will.

The reports indicate that the deceased designated his brother and sister as the managers of his multimillion-shilling estate in Nairobi upon his death.

Cohen who was a former Philips Kenya CEO who stipulated that his two siblings take charge of the villa estimated at Ksh400 million in Kitisuru.

According to Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (AD), Cohen’s sister Gabrie van Straten said that her brother continually feared for his life.

The family Cohen left behind
The family Cohen left behind

Part of the property claim includes Cohen’s two companies, golf trips and tournaments organizer known as Kenya Golf Safaris and Lotus Care Travel that caters for medical trips.

According to Cohen’s sister, Gabrie, the late golfer took a precautionary step at the height of his divorce case with his wife thus leaving her with a copy of his will, which she had been in possession of for a while.

‘He was wrapped with many layers of clothing’ Billionaire Cohens remains cause a stir 


Cohen was reported to have gone missing on July 20, and fourty days after Cohen’s disappearance, his body found buried in a manhole in his Kitusuru home, contrary to Wairimu’s past claims that he had left the country to seek treatment.

DCI Kinoti at the crime scene
DCI Kinoti at the crime scene

This was after preliminary investigations by police alleged that she had coached witnesses to give false information pertaining to the movements of Cohen on the day of his disappearance. Wairimu has since been held at Lang’ata Women’s prison awaiting trial.

With the ongoing investigations, the Cohen family is now grappling with pressure of time since Jewish tradition dictates that the dead must be buried within 36 hours.

“We knew that he wanted to be buried in Kenya – the beloved country where he had lived for more than 30 years – but we did not know the details of his will,” the paper reads.

“We only read it [the will] on Friday after the discovery of his remains by forensic investigators in a septic tank near his villa.”

Gabrie said they are finding out if their brother’s remains can be buried in accordance with the Jewish tradition.

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