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His skull was smashed! Tob Cohen autopsy results reveal dreadful death

Tob Cohen’s postmortem yesterday revealed a lot of horrifying things about the manner in which he died. The autopsy which was carried out yesterday at Chiromo Mortuary posits that Mr. Cohen must have suffered terribly before his death.

According to top Dutch publication Algemeen Dagblad (AD), images of a scan carried out on his body pointed to a brutal struggle in his very final moments.

Dutch billionaireTobCohen
Dutch billionaireTobCohen

The publication claims that Cohen’s head was cracked open with his left leg dislocated and both his hands broken. The excerpt read,

The body of the Dutchman Tob Cohen (69) who was murdered in Kenya shows many traces of violence. This has emerged from a scan of the remains, sources close to the investigation report to this site.

Cohen buried in tank
Cohen was buried in tank

This corroborates the information that DCI boss George Kinoti had said at the crime scene last Friday, September 13,

Cohen was murdered in his own residence. It is a gruesome murder. They took their time to kill innocent Cohen. I will not describe much now, but in the subsequent unfolding of events.

Tob Cohen on the left
Tob Cohen on the left

The late billionaire Cohen’s widow, Sarah Wairimu, was allowed to attend her husband’s postmortem at the Chiromo mortuary. It has also emerged that foreign DNA materials collected from under Cohen’s fingernails could be the key to unmasking his killers once the final analysis of the same is completed.

Tob Cohen left his Ksh. 400 million Kitisuru home to siblings and not Sarah

It is believed that the traces of foreign DNA points to a struggle in which the slain Dutchman tried to fight off his killers.

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