‘I am tired of my boyfriend!’ cries woman after dating for two years

A 24-year woman has confessed that she’s no longer interested in her boyfriend after dating for close to two years.

The woman claims that her 28-year-old boyfriend is clueless and has no plans for the future.”

“I can’t believe I am doing this..but this seems like a last resort for me…l am so tired of my present relationship. I have been dating this guy for close to 2 years.

When I met him…He was completely clueless about what he wants out of life. He just doesn’t fit me looking at him now. He is as clueless as when we met. The annoying part is I respect him so much. He cannot boldly say He has given me ANYTHING since we started dating. I have spent stipend on him countless times.

I have my flaws which he overlooks. I am just tired of him getting angry over little things, and bringing out past offense when there is another offense. I really don’t think I can handle this again. I am totally fed up. What should I do?

Reactions include:

mz_lemons: Do what makes you happy..

damz: He’s still young please leave him alone! Women mature faster than men

cheeryblozzomstore: If you are tired leave.

peters_mith: Walk away now.

da_veid: Isn’t love supposed to forgive and forget….or how does love work again?

single_parents_in_africa: If you are not careful, you’ll join him. Dump him now if you want to stay sane.

hrh_nma: Then you break up and move on… Why do people complain about everything? Bounce if you can’t take the heat …

_thatgirl_tasha: Since he’s clueless walk out of his life a guy might not hv cash but he has plans.

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