Tips: 3 Ways to maintain your natural hair

Hair is the pride of every woman. To have a beautiful and healthy natural hair. The following guidelines can help you achieve that;

Washing and conditioning

Wash your hair with shampoo at least once a week because natural hair tends to get dry with minimal oil. Avoid washing tangled hair as it will worsen the knots making it hard to comb.

It is advisable to use conditioners when washing the hair as it helps to moisten the hair.

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Apply it to the washed hair and live it for some time before washing especially the ends which are brittle.

Leave-in conditional is also important to the hair especially if it contains shea butter and coconut oil as it makes the hair moist.

Conditional moisturizer is necessary to your hair on a daily basis before styling paying more attention on the tips of hair.

Avoid products containing greasy ingredients. Deep conditioning is important to your hair on a monthly basis as it makes the hair less brittle.

Tokeo la picha la conditioners for natural hair

De-tangling and styling

Before combing your hair you need to untangle the knots. Apply some hair moisturizer products to make it easier for the same. After cleaning straighten your hair using a blow dry with moderate heat.

Make sure you spray the hair with heat protecting products to avoid hair breakage during the straightening. When plaiting your hair make sure you chose hair protective styles that won’t cut the hair.

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In cases of weaves avoid glued weaves as they rip natural hair once removed. Sewn-in weaves are normally more preferred as they maintain your hair as long as one can want to. Weaves should not be worn frequently as they strain the skin.

Always leave your hair for some time without plating to enable it to get fresh hair.

Tokeo la picha la sew in weaves

Diets and lifestyle

Eating in a healthy way can also help one’s hair to be strong.

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Eat foods rich in proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Avoid circumstance that your hair will undergo friction like when sleeping.

Always tie your hair with a piece of cloth before going to bed.

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