Tips that will motivate you back to work after holidays

The festive season is over, You just got back from days of complete relaxation, socializing, celebrating with roast dinners and vacations.But now you’re back to reality and struggling to marshall the strength to turn on the computer, trudge through your inbox, and jump right back into your normal work routine.

Going back to work after a nice holiday will always make you feel sad. It’s been scientifically proven that getting back into our routine can lead to sluggishness and demotivation.

Here are some of the ways to help you deal with the post-holiday blues and maintain a work-life balance

Keep Festive season spirit alive

I don’t mean you start spiking your morning coffee. This is all about trying to keep the feeling of togetherness and joy alive while your management gives targets for the new year.

The first step to dealing with this rather grey mood is to embrace it. Understand that it’s okay to feel sad and accept that the first couple of days back in your daily routine will be difficult.

On your first day at work, you can bring a useful Christmas gift could be a new diary that’ll make you smile when you use it. Or maybe you had some good news over the festive break that you can share with your colleagues

Get to the office earlier than usual

After holidays there is too much work to catch up on the first week after resuming office.

It is advisable to arrive at the office early,spend a good chunk of your morning planning your work.

Prioritise on urgent tasks and also throw in a few tasks you enjoy doing as well because this will give you nice little breaks and make your day more enjoyable.

Set new goals

It is a new year, go back to work with new goals. Walk into the office with a new mindset.

Identify an area in your sector that you’d like to master and go back to work knowing that you have a challenge ahead of you.

Types of colleagues that exist in every workplace

This helps from getting bored at work as you shall have something new to learn and achieve.

Catch up with colleagues

No doubt you’d rather be spending your entire day with your friends rather than your colleagues.

But, getting along with your office workmates can significantly improve your overall work experience, it’s advisable that you do what you can do get along with them.

BY Lyndsay Nyawira

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