Tips On How To Move Forward After Someone “Ghosts” On You

In modern day dating  society many people just “ghost” or disappear without saying  anything yet you have been dating for months. They stop communicating and don’t give  a reason why, they stop picking calls and responding to texts.

You may be left wondering what to do and how to go about it but the best thing for you would be to move forward. Granted it may be hard but you can do it. Although in your journey to move forward there are things that you shouldn’t do :

Rushing back into the dating scene – Your pride’s been hurt. Your self-belief has taken a bit of a beating. You need to rebuild yourself before you take the same risks again. The simple rule that people won’t tell you is this: The more vulnerable you feel, the more likely you are to get hurt. Don’t set yourself up for more of the same.

Don’t Make It Personal – It’s easy to tell yourself that if your date/boyfriend/girlfriend suddenly vanished, it’s definitely your fault. Actually, it’s NOT. It says a lot about them — that’s a cowardly and superficial way of resolving a situation.

Don’t Try To Get In Touch – Truly, they haven’t fallen off the face of the Internet, lost their memory or been kidnapped. They’ve just decided to go after someone else instead of you. Don’t try to persuade them to come back because it won’t lead anywhere good. The less you accept that, the more humiliated and rejected you’ll end up feeling.

 Don’t try asking for a reason – Even if they were to give you a reason, they probably wouldn’t tell you the truth. Do you seriously expect someone who has so little regard for your feelings to respect you enough to give you an honest answer? Let it go, and accept that moving on is the right thing to do.

Don’t think about what could have been – Maybe you thought they were Mr./Ms. Right, and you’d have a wonderful happily-ever-after together. They didn’t, now you know that if you didn’t. Your imagination has a way of running away with you that only makes things harder. You hardly knew them, and you certainly didn’t know who they truly were .Make a binding promise to yourself like, In the future, I will get to know someone before I fall in love with them.


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