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Tips: 4 ways to keep your baby warm this cold season

It’s hard enough for us adults to get out of bed. We would all rather be tucked in bed, and not endure this horrifying cold weather.

It must be that much worse for babies.

Here are some of the tips to keep your baby warm this season;

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes


Co-sleeping. When the baby is sleeping they need to be kept warm. It is necessary for you to lie down with them as they get to sleep. Snuggling against the mother will help the baby benefit some heat hence keeping the toddler warm. The baby can be dressed in a fleece sleeper. 

Tokeo la picha la co sleeping

Dressing. During this rainy season the baby needs to be warm all the time. When dressing the baby you should include warm sweaters and jackets that will provide warmth the baby. Avoid dressing the baby in light clothes as they don’t produce much warmth.

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You can tell whether the baby is feeling warm or cold by touching either the toes or belly. When the toes are cold then it means you need to add another layer. Socks and hats are also very important during this season as they make the baby feel warm. The baby wrappings also should not be very light. They should be heavy and have a cotton like material that will generate heat to the body. Especially when the baby is sleeping you have to make sure that hey re properly covered.

Tokeo la picha la baby warm clothes

Environment. Always avoid exposing the baby to a cold environment. This includes when you either want to wash the baby or change the diapers. Ensure it is a cool environment that does not allow cold air to get in.

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When going for a walk ensure that the baby is warmly dressed and stroller covers are necessary too as they prevent the baby from getting wet. When driving ensure the windows are not opened and a car seat liner is also necessary to keep the baby warm and prevent them from windy winter elements. Cover the baby with snuggle blankets after he or she is buckled in the car seat.

Foods and drinks. Avoid giving the baby any cold food or drink that includes water. Everything the baby takes should be warm and also not hot.

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