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Tips 101: Maina Kageni’s advice on how to deal with dead beat dads

Maina Kageni is never shy to point out that he does not support dead beat fathers who wine and dine without caring how their families are fairing.

Today was no different especially after Kenyans called in to narrate what they have gone through at the hands of their irresponsible dads.

Maina narrated how a friend of his is married to a dead beat who is fond of ‘kuchafua meza’ yet he never takes care of his family.

To prove that he is not a dead beat dad Maina Kageni responded to a fan who inquired if baby Nathan (Maina’s son) is taken care of by strongly stating yes.

“Yes Nathan is well taken care of.”Maina responded

‘Dad is worth 150 million but can never spend a dime on us’ Cries city man


Here is what Maina thinks women or kids with dead beat fathers should do.

1. If he is employed go to his office and say you want to see his boss and report him.

2. If he is the boss you can still go to the office scream shout and cause drama if need be.

3. Find out where he drinks with his boys and make sure to cause drama

4. If you know where he lives go face him and if it proves hard cause drama.

5. If all fails just go and leave the baby at the reception.

According to High Court Judge, Justice Jesse Njagi a man cannot escape parental responsibility by virtue of unemployment and that in case his partner dies, he must take full responsibility of the child he sired.

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