Tips: 10 Ways to soothe your baby to sleep quickly

There’s nothing more stressful than a baby who won’t go to sleep.

Just when you thought nothing works, we have found some solutions for you that will work.

They include;



Singing baby songs to them is the easiest way to make a baby fall asleep. Singing lullaby songs to a tired baby is the easiest way to get them to sleep.


Co-sleeping not only helps the baby to sleep but also helps the baby gain some warmth from you. Once you sleep there with the baby, they will follow suit.

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Bedtime stories

Reading these stories is necessary as your voice will help them relax and sooth them to sleep. It is also one way of educating them.

Having a routine

Make a sleeping time routine for the baby and with time their bodies will adjust to it.


This is the best remedy for fast sleep. The mother’s chest is the best place for the baby hence easier for them to sleep.



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Making a routine

Create a routine and time that the baby should sleep. As time goes by, the body will get used to it so that when the time comes they just fall asleep.

Warm bath

Let the baby have a warm bath. Most of the children always tend to sleep immediately after they shower. The best time for their shower should be in the afternoon after they have fed.

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Create a good environment for the child to sleep. The lighting should not be so bright and the area should not be noisy that it distracts the baby.


This can make the baby fall asleep real quick. When you rub them on either the feet or tummy, they will eventually fall asleep.


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