Tips: 10 healthy ways to deal with menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps can be very painful and disturbing a lot.

Here are some of the ways that can aid in easing the pain.

Tokeo la picha la how to do away with menstrual cramps



Massaging your abdomen plays a big role in relieving the menstrual pains. This is because it encourages the blood flow in the abdomen. Massaging creams can also be used as they contain oils which are beneficial to the body and skin too. They also soothe the body.

Contraceptive pills

Studies conducted shows that these pills can be of great help in relieving pains. However, they can also have other side effects, especially when taken more than required. You are needed to seek your doctor’s advice before taking any of such pills.


The cramps pains experienced at times become severe especially if you maintain one constant position. It is hence important to engage your body in any sort of exercise to help ease the pain. Core workouts are also of help in easing pains.



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Herbal tea

They are of different types hence you are advised to take one that cannot affect you in cases of ulcers and other diseases. Chamomile can be used. This is because it contains some anti-inflammatory substances that inhibit the cells which leads to the contraction of the uterus causing cramps.  The other herbal tea used for menstrual discomfort is cramp bark, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Boil 2 teaspoons of the bark in a cup of water, simmer for about 15 minutes and drink it three times a day.


Tokeo la picha la how to do away with menstrual cramps



You should ensure that you take a healthy diet. Magnesium is very essential in the body for proper bones building and blood regulation. Other foods like cinnamon and ginger should be added to the foods you take. Junk foods should be avoided during this period as they may stimulate the menstrual pains.


They can serve as pain relievers once taken. They help in easing the pain but it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking these painkillers. This is because if taken in plenty it can also be harmful to one’s health.

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Drink more water

Water helps in reducing bloating which may cause more pains. It helps to replace the fluid lost during that period especially for people that vomit or even diarrhoea.

Apply heat pad

Applying a heat pad or cloth to your abdomen can really help to ease the pain. This is because the heat helps the muscles to relax.

Avoid caffeine

Taking caffeine does not reduce the pain but instead, it may stimulate the pains more. You can substitute this with healthy drinks like warm water with lemon and mint leaves and smoothies. This will help in your health and pain-relieving.

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Fish oil and vitamin B 1

This plays the role of easing menstrual pains.

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