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Times To Avoid Arguments With Your Partner

Let’s face it guys…every couple fights. What matters in a fair fight is the way it’s done and how you settle the differences. There are times when your spouse totally gets on your nerves and you would want to pick a fight with them, but sometimes it may not be an appropriate time and here’s why:

When either of you is driving – If at all it’s not safe to even drink and drive, why would you want to argue? Arguments will distract your partner and just in a split second you could both end up in a ditch. I’m pretty sure it can wait till you get home.
On your way to workFor the sake of a good day at work, do not argue while he’s dropping you off. You both don’t need to have a bad day ahead.

When there are other people around – The relationship is between the two of you, why would you want the whole world to do know your dirty laundry? Relax, smile and wait to deal with it later.

In front of childrenYour children should not see or hear you argue, it will not give a good picture to them besides you might say things in anger that may affect the child’s perception of the parent.

If you are feeling tired, stressed out or even hungry Your moods will probably affect what you say and you may end up taking your work related stress out on someone who has nothing to do with it.

When either or both of you are under the influence of alcohol Alcohol affects your thinking and you may just say something that you didn’t mean to. So avoid fighting during tipsy moments because you can’t take that back.

Special days like Birthdays, Anniversaries – Don’t ruin the day with arguments, just enjoy and deal with the issues the next day.

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