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Times Diamonds’ songs have become controversial

Times Diamonds’ songs have landed him in trouble

News from Tanzania is that Diamond and Zuchu’s video for the song Mtasubiri has been banned from airplay.

TCRA and BASATA have warned all TV stations to halt playing the video until the singer changes the video scene. 

The Government bodies TCRA and BASATA in a statement told that numerous complaints from Christians about the blasphemous nature of the video led to the ban.

Here are other times Diamonds songs have landed him on the hot seat.

  1.  Diamond has been accused by fans upset that he has ripped off/sampled Otile Brown and Jovial’s Such Kinda Love in his song ‘Naanzaje’.
  2.  Diamond was also accused of stealing Namibian singer King TeeDee in his new song “The One”. Diamond explained that he was the owner of the beat and has the right to drop the song as a solo project. “Wakati nimeenda kuperfom Namibia, ilikuwa ni show yake yeye (King TeeDee) na akarequest tufanye collabo, but of-course Beat ile ni yangu so mimi nikaanza kuandika ile Nyimbo na kila kipande umekiskia mule ndani nimeandika mimi, so yeye alikuwa na producer wake lakini aliposkia beat yangu aliyotengeneza Laizer ndo akaipenda. So akaenda akaandika Verse yake na ngoma ikatoka ambayo amenishirikisha mimi, na audio ipo na tutafanya video pia. Lakini hapo hapo nikahisi kufanya another version of the song kitu ambacho akikatazwi Kabisa. Na ni nyimbo ambayo mimi naipenda sana. So hata yeye (King Teedee) anajua kuwa nimefanya another version” said Diamond.
  3. Bongo singer H Baba once accused Platnumz of stealing his songs including ‘Nataka Kulewa’ hit song. H Baba went public to complain tht the ‘Zilizopendwa’ single released by Platnumz was also a song he wrote that was stolen from him by Diamond. Diamond defended himself that ‘Zilizopendwa’ is my song, I was robbed of my songs, so should I keep quiet? If people feel that I am lying, I should be arrested … I am not drunk, it was mine and I wanted to share it with the Q-chief who took it and sang it.’
  4. Willy Paul also at one time claimed that Diamond copied his song “NIkune” to make “kamata

5. Days after the release of Tanasha Donna’s Gere music video, contoversy arose that the song was copied from a famous Brazilian artiste known as Iza, real name Isabela Lima. The Brazilian told that Diamond and Tanasha copy pasted her video “Diamond Platnumz: Friend, can I copy your work? Me: Okay, just don’t do the same thing. Diamond Platnumz: ctrl+c/ ctrl +v,” read a rant under Diamonds social handles.

Diamond and Zuchu’s video Mtasubiri banned from airplay

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