‘How do I throw out my man’s side chic?’ City woman cries for help

A city woman is in a dilemma. She is asking for advice on how to deal with her husband’s side chic after she came to her house to fight her.

*Jane* does not understand what would give the side chic such guts.

Is this where we say ushikwapo shikamana?

My man’s side chick came to my home to fight me.
I just heard a bang on the gate, I woke my man up and he asked me to go check.

I wore my coat and went to the gate upon inquiring who was there she went quiet.


She continued,

So I just opened and she started fighting me. I beat her up before my man rushed out and was asking her to leave before he adds to the beating.

The  girl said she was not leaving that she loves him so much and he was the one that asked her to come and fight me.

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Jane goes on to add,

This girl insisted that she won’t leave the house, sat at the gate with 3 boxes .
My man was begging me but I don’t get it.

I am not really married to him but we are making plans, he said he wants to be with me but he is not yet ready to marry.

I don’t know how to handle this girl at the gate, she is irritating me as I see her from my window.

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The wife-to-be look for options among them, “Should I just accuse her of stealing or anything!”

Here is the rest of her narration.

My man is just acting confused but he has asked me to take any action with his permission.

I need quick advice this girl is by our gate and swore not to live until she enters the house and man is a calm man .

Please how does a wife handle a side chic who is stubborn?

Huyu tutamsaidia aje?

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