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Three Reasons Why A Man Would Dump A Good Woman

There are couples we know who are perfect and good together, they date for years and then out of nowhere they break up when you least expect. Everyone around them is left wondering what happened yet everything seemed so perfect.

Such stories are common and many wonder why a man would dump a good woman. Here are some of the reasons:

1. He felt there was too much competition in the relationship. A man feels incapable and emasculated if he has to compete with a woman for control of a relationship. Men naturally want to lead and when they feel like it’s a constant race against¬†the woman in their life, they will end things.

2. He feels he’s constantly disrespected. A man can never build his life around a woman whom he knows has little respect for him or his opinions. Your respect makes him feel great, showering him with acceptance makes him want you by his side always. But a woman who constantly puts him down and questions his decisions is one that no man will want to be around, so he will simply end things.

3. He felt there was too much emotional pressure in your relationship. Maybe he felt like he’ll never be good enough for you and decided to walk away from it all. Or you pressured him into doing things without necessarily agreeing with him on how to go about it.

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