After Threatening To Leave Gospel Music, Singer Ringtone Ventures Into This

Ringtone is one of the rich kids when it comes to gospel music.

The Pamela hit maker has flossed his expensive mansions and his flashy cars. You would probably ask yourself if the few songs Ringtone has released create this ind of wealth for him.

The Talanta hitmaker has come out to reveal his side hustle…Farming

Ringtone ran to his social media to post;

“God thank you for the rain. Am now harvesting pawpaws’


‘This Is What Small Boys Like Bahati And Willy Paul Need To Do To Be Rich Like Me!’ Declares Ringtone

He did not stop at that. Ringtone went ahead to reveal the reason as to why he started music, citing that he did not have anything else to do.

“Watu wengine hawa-undertsand kwa nini mi hu-sing. Mi hu-sing kwa sababu sikua na kitu ya kufanya, nikaamua kutumia talanta yangu.”

But then, I thought singing gospel music should be a calling. It will be remembered that Ringtone was once tempted to quit gospel music and went on to reveal the reason why.

“I felt let down by Christians because I have done a lot of outreach ministry in colleges and high schools all over Kenya. That ministration wasn’t easy because I was funding it myself. I suffered a lot of times on the road lacking fuel, food and sometimes my car breaking down. Because of this knowing, I was the most hardworking artist for the kingdom of God; I felt Christians owed support when I got attacked by the devil through scandals that were maliciously designed to slow me and even stop me from ever ministering ever again. It’s during this trying times that I came to realize that the very people who I expected not to judge me but stand with me in prayer during that trying times were the ones who were my harshest critics,” he said

It is after this that Ringtone met Tanzania’s Christina Shusho and made a hit song Tenda Wema. Ringtone’s drama did not end there, he was later accused of impregnating a lass that he vehemently denied of having an affair with.

Gospel Music Pays! Singer Ringtone Shows Off His Gigantic Mansion

Today, Ringtone is a rich lad. The singer went on social media to floss of his wealth.

He wrote;


You heard it right, he calls himself a millionaire.

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