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‘He threatened me with a gun,’ MKU student exposes Willy Paul

Susan Mwaniki an MKU student has in an interview accused Willy Paul of being a womanizer despite being considered a gospel artiste.

According to Susan Willy Paul is a wild child who thrives by intimidating ladies.

He has so many girlfriends and I knew it, Currently, I am talking to two of his girlfriends and he does not know.

There is a blog that had written about him and the baby mama getting together and when I asked him about it and when I asked he refused to give me an answer.

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Willy Paul and his baby mama

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On whether this is the first time Willy Paul had physically assaulted a woman Susan said

That is the second time because the first time he beat another lady. He is a good guy but the problem is his ego makes him think he is a king.

 He is not a joker when he says something he does it so I was very afraid when he threatened me with a gun and boiling water.



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