Thoughts people have during first time dates

How did you feel when you were going on  a date for the first time? How did you behave and what did you have on your mind?

Here are some of the top thoughts people have on their first date, depending on whether it’s a blind date or whether you had met before.

How do I look? Is my outfit too revealing? – This is mostly common with women as they take time to look their best and may end up changing their outfits severally before settling on one.

What will we talk about? – Keep it simple. Stick to things that are general like sports, music, art or something that you have in common. That way there won’t be awkward moments.

What do I order? – Best thing to do is ask for something you are familiar with. Steer clear of the fancy names on the menu.

Do I use a fork and knife? or will I look shady asking for a wet towel? – Depending on the type of food you ask for, it’s always advisable to be comfortable. If you cannot use a fork and knife ask for the wet towel, clean your hands and eat. It will save you some embarrassing moments of food flying all over.

Who will pay? – This has been a subject of discussion many a time but the rules remain. If you invite me you pay and viceversa. However if you want to go dutch is always advisable to talk about it before hand to avoid those blank stares when you want them to top up the balance to pay.

Will they drop me home? – Again depending on how well you know this person, it’s not really advisable to have them drop you home especially if it’s the first time you are meeting.  You can let them drop you at your bus stop or get you a cab if they can but it’s not a requirement.

How do I say goodbye? A polite hug or handshake is fine. A kiss will depend on how well you know each other as it may be uncomfortable for either of you is you’re still getting familiar.

The author, Ms. Chituyi is  relationship expert


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