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This Woman Lost 68kg… And Her Fiancé

Eve Parker shed 150 pounds, but in order to sustain her healthy lifestyle, she also had to shed her fiancé.

At 350 pounds, the 5’3 Parker was engaged to a man who was, according to her, “obsessed with obese women.” When she made the steps to lose weight, she had to accept her relationship’s uncertain fate.

“When I met him, of course I was very large, and that’s what he loved about me,” she recalled in a HuffPost Live interview Monday.

“So there was always this inner conflict of the very thing that was killing me — giving me the sleep apnea, my blood pressure was 200 over 100 — the very thing that was keeping me so unhealthy was the very thing giving me the one thing I wanted, which was love and acceptance from a man.”

It was when Parker’s doctor informed her that she “may not live to be 40” that she knew she had to make a change, even if it meant breaking up with the man she loved.

“I knew he wouldn’t support it, and it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make,” she admitted. “[But] I knew that in order to truly shed the weight and create a healthy lifestyle, that I had to end the relationship once and for all.”

At 86 kilos today — the lowest she’s weighed since the third grade — Parker acknowledges that ending the relationship fostered her own personal growth.

“[I] wasn’t truly loving myself, because I was always trying to get it from external forces,” she said.


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