This South African socialite has bought herself a coffin worth sh1.1million

South African socialite Zodwa Rebecca is in the news again after visiting a coffin shop and buying herself one in preparation for the day death strikes.

Sharing the photos of her purchase on Instagram and Facebook, Zodwa stated that she has bought the coffin because she doesn’t fear death.

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Zodwa-wa-Bantu (1)
She doesn’t want to die, and leave her family with the financial burden of raising funds to buy a coffin.

She wrote:

“Death. Black Society is Scared to talk about Death. My Coffin ⚰ is 150k. Are you ready or your Family is still gonna Run around? I don’t want Zodwa Wabantu was Famous now there’s no Money to Bury her”

Early this year, a Migori man also bought himself a coffin, but his reason was different.

He said it was to escape his nagging wife.

Migori man jumps inside coffin ready to die than live with wife

Alphonse Odhiambo the carpenter, said that Awilo even paid sh13,000 upfront for the coffin.

“He was wearing a boda boda rider’s reflector jacket. We thought he was coming to buy a coffin for a burial somewhere else.

When we asked him who was going to be buried, he said himself. He then jumped inside the coffin and lay down,” Odhiambo said.

Talking to the press, JaSiaya said that

“Despite having very powerful relatives, my wife has been disturbing me, I’m fed up. So I planned this funeral because I am like a walking corpse,”

Below are the photos of the South African socialite trying out her new ‘present’:

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WhatsApp Image 2019-02-06 at 12.52.39

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-06 at 12.52.41 (1)

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